11 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri!

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Stuff you should never say to Siri! Top things you shouldn’t say to Apple iPhone’s Siri chatbot assistant. This video is brought to you by Fact Queen!
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Tempt - 5 miesięcy temu
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Zachariah White
Zachariah White - Miesiąc temu
I love asking Siri 0 divided by 0
Frostum - Miesiąc temu
I love that this video got demonitized so i dont feel so clickbaited
Loco Hernandez
Loco Hernandez - 2 miesięcy temu
You forgotten this number it’s an emergency number it’s 111
Loco Hernandez
Loco Hernandez - 2 miesięcy temu
Tempt you forgotten and at her number that’s an Emergency number that’s 111.
Tibet Gumus
Tibet Gumus - Dzień temu
i told siri i need a place to hide a body

she asked: “what, again?!”
Qutex - 2 dni temu
Sorry android is better
Craver 2.0
Craver 2.0 - 2 dni temu
Do. Or say 17 it’s a emergency Dial
Kittyz - 2 dni temu
I said to Sri was it foggy today and she read it as what the fu**k are you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Da Yeeter
Da Yeeter - 2 dni temu
I am pissed of
Kendra Essuman
Kendra Essuman - 2 dni temu
I have asked Siri 0 divided by zero and I was sad that I had no friends
Aryan Ali
Aryan Ali - 3 dni temu
Once I’ve said to Siri bushbfhsbd then it said d*** head
Iqra Adalat
Iqra Adalat - 3 dni temu
There’s a reason for incognito mode for no 2 like I’d straight up ask her where I should bury the bodies
Iqra Adalat
Iqra Adalat - 3 dni temu
Does 108 call emergency services in the uk too?
The gaming Robots Budys
I questioned Siri zero divided by zero before this and I wasn’t hurt by this
Leonardo Torres
Leonardo Torres - 4 dni temu
Or Google?
Mastered Ultra Instinct
1st Not To Say:108
2nd Not To Say:Siri,Crime Detective
3rd Not To Say:Siri-ous Mathematician
4th Not To Say:Who Is Cortana?
5th Not To Say:Siri Scorned
6th Not To Say:Nicknames
7th Not To Say:Siri Likes Sci-Fi
8th Not To Say:Not A Medic
9th Not To Say:Sounds Like...
10th Not To Say:Keep It Clean
11th Not To Say:Siri The Storyteller
Fun With Vir
Fun With Vir - 4 dni temu
I asked Siri 0 divided by 0 and she said the same answer
DausLyrical Video
DausLyrical Video - 5 dni temu
Im android user..but..why i watch this??..😂😂
Steven Wood
Steven Wood - 5 dni temu
I asked Siri who is Cortana and she said ‘’that is like comparing apples and...not apples’’.
Also’’Wow awkward’’.
Also’’ I think you’ve got the wrong assistant’’.
Also’’My name is Siri’’.
Jammy Dogger
Jammy Dogger - 5 dni temu
5:33 I asked siri if she had a bf and she said
"I'm way too good for That"
And I'm like wtf
Audrie Lynn
Audrie Lynn - 5 dni temu
The only reason I clicked this is to use these to these to Siri 😏😏😏😏
Devilmaster 6x6
Devilmaster 6x6 - 6 dni temu
I’ve say 911 to Siri and canceled before
Ricardo Rios Garcia
Ricardo Rios Garcia - 6 dni temu
In the #11 i did it and it said to do it in the iPhone (I see this video with iPad)
jonny martens
jonny martens - 8 dni temu
Thats stupid so they just record everything we say
Emily_ Gacha
Emily_ Gacha - 8 dni temu
Apple users has left the chat
Zechariah Ellis
Zechariah Ellis - 8 dni temu
The way she says Reddit makes me cringe
Sienna Gayle
Sienna Gayle - 8 dni temu
She said that to me
Sienna Gayle
Sienna Gayle - 8 dni temu
On the third on I said it and she said I have no friends I’m speechless
Just chill
Just chill - 9 dni temu
Say shut the fuck up and she will kick out out of your phone 😂
dizzz - 10 dni temu
Reedit XD
Omar Playzz
Omar Playzz - 10 dni temu
Readit instead of reddit 😞🤦🏻‍♂️
Liza Era
Liza Era - 10 dni temu
If you say 17 to siri she'll call 911 my friend told me that its true
Peachy Gacha UwU
Peachy Gacha UwU - 10 dni temu
5:45 I can tell that’s an Arabic person who took the photo or a Muslim because it has the Quran and Muslim pro, I have Muslim pro as I am an Arab 😂
Saria the Disco Wolf
Saria the Disco Wolf - 10 dni temu
My teacher told Siri what is 0-: 0 when she told the friends and cookie answer everybody in my class laughed
Kanna - Kamui
Kanna - Kamui - 10 dni temu
Say ''Hey Siri" to Your Google assistant.
JustAHooman Gacha
JustAHooman Gacha - 11 dni temu
I told her “remind me to kill myself tomorrow “ she kept closing my phone
Then I told her
Shut the f up you b
She said ok then closed
Pineapple Parrot
Pineapple Parrot - 11 dni temu
Sydnee Smith
Sydnee Smith - 11 dni temu
Why doesn’t my Siri act like this on my new iPhone XR?
Baby Bear Amador
Baby Bear Amador - 11 dni temu
She just says [I don’t watch that many movies]
ZaneyUniverse - 11 dni temu
Never Click your mouth when talking to Siri or you get the F word!
DOODLEBOY 07 - 11 dni temu
Happy birthday Siri!
Hazel Mathewson
Hazel Mathewson - 11 dni temu
I called 108 but i cancelled the call
Homanzi - 12 dni temu
The police one happens to me because of my classmate but I was smart enough to decline the call😂
Oscars Ipad
Oscars Ipad - 12 dni temu
No tempt ok
Saeve [GD]
Saeve [GD] - 12 dni temu
4:06 im dying, she doesn't know how to fucking pronounce reddit omg
TikTok Daily
TikTok Daily - 13 dni temu
Why does she say reddit like reedit
Lostboii - 13 dni temu
Did she call Reddit , Readdit.
Rēerēė ŘøůğhBøý
Rēerēė ŘøůğhBøý - 14 dni temu
D..d..did you say reeddit
MatteKudasai82 - 14 dni temu
"Readit user"
Clover Bloom
Clover Bloom - 14 dni temu
Lets bully siri can be dangerous to say to siri not really
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming - 14 dni temu
Once I said it and it canceled it
ItsMelanie - 15 dni temu
One time I accidentally called Siri Cortana 😂
nøcL - 15 dni temu
Never say 17 to Siri
If u say Siri 17 it will call 911
Ghost - 16 dni temu
#9 “u have no friends”
April Domínguez
April Domínguez - 16 dni temu
Is Siri who's your crush she told me Alexa Alexis kind of cute she said and then I went to Google and I ask Google Google had a crush on Siri and then one time I at called Google Siri and she said oh my God that's like a miracle you really think I'm Siri with a :-)
April Domínguez
April Domínguez - 16 dni temu
She said imagine zero cookies and you split them evenly 0 friends is supposed to be a long time zero friends
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Star - 16 dni temu
my teacher did the 0/0 (0 divided by 0) and the class we all giggled
Infinity Gaming
Infinity Gaming - 17 dni temu
*how she pronounces it*
Myah_ Chan
Myah_ Chan - 17 dni temu
I said it a long time ago
Ella Barberi
Ella Barberi - 17 dni temu
What if siri and Cortana used to date
chanel Piatkowska
chanel Piatkowska - 18 dni temu
I asked her 0:-:0 she said I have no friends 😂
Angel_Moon_Gacha - Awesomeness
I said hey cortana and Siri said Wow. Awkward 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diem Nguyen
Diem Nguyen - 18 dni temu
:step one: area:51: 11 things that not ask Siri