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Thank you to everyone who participated in this video!! You guys are the best and hopefully you saw your box in the vid :)
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ItzJemima’s World
ItzJemima’s World - 3 godzin temu
Who else saw there package ⬇️
June Nelson
June Nelson - 22 godzin temu
7:56 lol
Anator Gamer
Anator Gamer - Dzień temu
What was it
Anator Gamer
Anator Gamer - Dzień temu
It was probably a hater
Anator Gamer
Anator Gamer - Dzień temu
That nasty man
Anator Gamer
Anator Gamer - Dzień temu
I just saw a comment and it says that it was a dildo
Notalejandra Yay
Notalejandra Yay - 3 dni temu
Dude are they really that stupid
“IS ThIS SpaNiSh”
Luv u guys ❤️
Notalejandra Yay
Notalejandra Yay - Dzień temu
I know that but Spanish in that from refers only to Spain... that was my point
seryn booker
seryn booker - 3 dni temu
I think they just meant the language on it :) also a lot of people assume that "Spanish" pertains to any Spanish speaking person, but its actually Hispanic, but they might not know that lol
Dara Dufour
Dara Dufour - 5 dni temu
Do they have an updated PO Box anywhere? I really want to send them something for their birthday this year.
Quinn Bacoka
Quinn Bacoka - 5 dni temu
12:53 my esens
Marie Yvonne Borromeo
Marie Yvonne Borromeo - 5 dni temu
Grayson being a mom to Ethan (all the time)
Avaline F.
Avaline F. - 5 dni temu
When grayson opened the bo. With the teddy bear lollllllll 5:13
Lea Woods
Lea Woods - 7 dni temu
I like your last gift, it was genius.
Savannah Price
Savannah Price - 7 dni temu
Grayson's veins😌😍😂
K Anderson
K Anderson - 7 dni temu
Grayson’s new earring was a tampon
Sara Malott
Sara Malott - 8 dni temu
SO IS 5:56
Sara Malott
Sara Malott - 8 dni temu
YO 5:18 IS THE BEST PART 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Lola Cherry
Lola Cherry - 8 dni temu
there cute and funny 2:21
jennifer moyotl
jennifer moyotl - 9 dni temu
Daniela Yebra
Daniela Yebra - 11 dni temu
grayson always acts like the big brother
Zayalla Fantasy
Zayalla Fantasy - 11 dni temu
7:46 I just love how he cracks the shirt 😂
8:23 9:02😂Ethan ! I love you 🤣
ALLI KAYE NEALE - 13 dni temu
Eat a bag of dicks bahaha just pop it in, fucking love you guys so fucking much 💋💋💋💋
ALLI KAYE NEALE - 13 dni temu
Omg omg the white jeans 👅 I’m deceased!!! 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
MCN STUDIOS - 14 dni temu
Who in the world would send them dirty underwear like you people have problems
Miley Viana
Miley Viana - 16 dni temu
I love your video ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😇😊😊😁😁😄😄😃😃😀🙂
Eric Pendowski
Eric Pendowski - 16 dni temu
its like jenga.... OH. -Ethan Dolan
Addison Atlee
Addison Atlee - 18 dni temu
you got mail
Addison Atlee
Addison Atlee - 18 dni temu
the slime vs ethan./ slime wins
Pete P
Pete P - 18 dni temu
Greyson is a stunner
Pete P
Pete P - 18 dni temu
He looks hot in those white pants fuckin sexy
R. Wright
R. Wright - 18 dni temu
6:01 uncultured swines 😂😂😂 I had too
R. Wright
R. Wright - 18 dni temu
is it just me or is Grayson going through some major puberty in this video 😂😂😂
Danna Cardenas
Danna Cardenas - 18 dni temu
I was eating when I saw that underwear 🤮 didn’t feel like eating anymore lol
Cha Tay
Cha Tay - 19 dni temu
Hahahahaha! The ending of the video 😂😂😂😂😂
Ab Carlyon
Ab Carlyon - 20 dni temu
Ethan was a mess in this ahaha
Alena Smith
Alena Smith - 22 dni temu
what was in that box
I- Harmonize
I- Harmonize - 23 dni temu
Grayson: "This lollipop has blood on it" Me: "Oh no the mexican candyyyy"
I- Harmonize
I- Harmonize - 16 dni temu
@rory gomez It was a big trend in my middle school and there was like illegal dealing of the mexican candy and someone gave me some when I was memorizing lines for a film in their kitchen years later and I tried it for the first time - that stuff is nasty XD
rory gomez
rory gomez - 16 dni temu
I- Harmonize I grabbed one of mine once I saw his
Makenzie karp
Makenzie karp - 25 dni temu
6:09 got me weak
GoLdEn MaKnAe HaS gLiTcHeD
Ethan: alright we got a piñata here. how do we open it?
Also Ethan: *doesn’t let Grayson answer and crashes the piñata on his head*
GoLdEn MaKnAe HaS gLiTcHeD
grayson: ow ow ow ow
ethan: stahp
Trxsh. Alora
Trxsh. Alora - 29 dni temu
10:54 Uhmm..
more rice
more rice - 29 dni temu
they lowkey look miserable here 😭😭😭
Alexis Carter
Alexis Carter - 29 dni temu
I will be you’re number one subscribers but yeah when I get my happy po box you can I’ll be you’re number one fan to
Wynter Levi
Wynter Levi - 29 dni temu
Slime comes off with warm/hot water. XD I wish I was their maid or something so I could show them all of the tips and tricks I know.
Elizabeth Mion
Elizabeth Mion - Miesiąc temu
Whoever sent the white pants, WE THANK YOU
dagavahe - Miesiąc temu
the hole video is them fighting 5:52 4:19 6:07
dagavahe - Miesiąc temu
5:52 to 5:57 that part broke my butt
dagavahe - Miesiąc temu
4:19 to 4:49 that like how my grandma yells at me when she tells me to come to her and i tell her am coming 3 minmutes
dagavahe - Miesiąc temu
latter am not there yet
Makayla ꎭ
Makayla ꎭ - Miesiąc temu
Ethan this is why we can’t have nice things 😂
AnniManniz - Miesiąc temu
Im dying..
Lyss Thatcher
Lyss Thatcher - Miesiąc temu
Well, Ethan, if you wanted to know, if a man pees on a pregnancy test and it comes up positive, it's likely that they have testicular cancer. So let's hope it stays negative :P
hff fhh
hff fhh - Miesiąc temu
8:29 Ethan: OMg ThIs Is ThE cUtEsT sHiT i HaVe EvEr HeArD iN mY lIfE
Megan Saaranen
Megan Saaranen - Miesiąc temu
Ethan: how do I open it??
Proceeds to smash it on Grayson’s head

Me: * fucking dieing on the floor laughing
T Hunter
T Hunter - Miesiąc temu
and you have a small dick
T Hunter
T Hunter - Miesiąc temu
chinese food is not your fucking joke and you miserable son of bitch
Patricia Taggart
Patricia Taggart - Miesiąc temu
LOVE 😋 💋 🐾 🐾
Addisyn Johnson
Addisyn Johnson - Miesiąc temu
Anyone on a Dolan twins marathon after the twins had the video with Shane. 🥺
Jerrica Hodges
Jerrica Hodges - Miesiąc temu
Sally Duffy
Sally Duffy - Miesiąc temu
The ‘ball room’ 😂🙄
Phoebe Lou
Phoebe Lou - Miesiąc temu
9:56 Ethan checks the mustards heart beat 🤣 classic Ethan x
Karime Guzman
Karime Guzman - Miesiąc temu
If you closely hear Grays voice you can tell his voice was changing
Mckenzie West
Mckenzie West - Miesiąc temu
R.i.p to the couch:'( I love u guys!!!!
jane smart
jane smart - Miesiąc temu
7:28 grayson in pants
arrow bunni
arrow bunni - Miesiąc temu
3:35 Ethan: OHHHH