Epic NBA Basketball QnA TRICKSHOTS vs Lonzo Ball!

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Basketball Trickshots vs NBA Star Lonzo Ball
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Trwanie: 10:06


Jesser - 7 dni temu
Wow #6 on trending! Thank you all so much for the love! I am going to make this a series with different Nba players in the future so make sure to subscribe!
LaCosta - 5 dni temu
Lonzo goat
Curly Bread
Curly Bread - 5 dni temu
Make sure troydan is there next time..
Wally Jones
Wally Jones - 5 dni temu
Troydan is pissed!!
Danilo Matienzo
Danilo Matienzo - 6 dni temu
Kids are you free jewelry so cool
Zahki _.
Zahki _. - 20 godzin temu
“lonzo the legend” never laughed so hard
Raoul Vlogs
Raoul Vlogs - Dzień temu
If Lonzo said the rims were low, when lamelo dunked on jesser, does it mean that Bronny James dunks on lower rims? Let me know plz...
kaique Almeida
kaique Almeida - Dzień temu
Lonzo loser
tameem ahmad
tameem ahmad - Dzień temu
Jesse forgot to say that James harden travels and always gets the foul
Roald %
Roald % - Dzień temu
Does China own you yet?
Julians1996 - Dzień temu
Should rename video shooting bricks with lonzo
Raze J Carrasco
Raze J Carrasco - Dzień temu
Anytime someone plays H.O.R.S.E.: hAhAhAhAhA yOu ArE a HoR
CHASTITY Jordan - Dzień temu
Who heard cash in the back
HCG_Dominator 28
HCG_Dominator 28 - Dzień temu
Lonzo is so overrated
HyperJJ 10
HyperJJ 10 - Dzień temu
Bro straight up lonzo is the only one who can lock up harden 😂
Alec, The Creator
Alec, The Creator - Dzień temu
Damn troydan should have came.
Evan Montzka
Evan Montzka - Dzień temu
How tall is Jesser he looks like he 6 3
Basketball Zone x Cowbell Kingdom
Zo can't shoot. I would destroy him in a 3-point shooting contest
Everett Engler
Everett Engler - Dzień temu
Lonzo ball sucks
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez - Dzień temu
Did this dude just call Lonzo a legend???😂😂😂
Adrijus Gibauskas
Adrijus Gibauskas - Dzień temu
Jesse, u should film video with Lonzos shoes, it would be cool
Sad Ness
Sad Ness - 2 dni temu
You looks like luke walton haha
Fabio Suave
Fabio Suave - 2 dni temu
Jesser looks like a caveman with that beard 🤦🏽‍♂️
tsol Ytinas
tsol Ytinas - 2 dni temu
Lonzo I'm still with you ... good luck on your second year.
Gavino 17
Gavino 17 - 2 dni temu
Just realized this but why Lonzo got a Obama tattoo?
C 44
C 44 - 2 dni temu
Seat geek was more expensive than tickets I’d buy off stub hub, ticket master etc... Don’t use seat geek folks
Jamil Mena
Jamil Mena - 2 dni temu
Whoever edits this needs to be fired
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott - 2 dni temu
lonzo does this for a living and can't make a three
Stevy - 2 dni temu
He’s got Barrack Obama tattoo’d on his arm HAHAHA what a fucking idiot! Literally the worst and most corrupt president we’ve ever had!
Stevy - 2 dni temu
He’s got Barrack Obama tattoo’d on his arm HAHAHA what a fucking idiot! Literally the worst and most corrupt president we’ve ever had!
Joshua Peralta
Joshua Peralta - 2 dni temu
Who else is watching this while taking a shit
Angel HS4D
Angel HS4D - 2 dni temu
Lonzo is ass
Random Wolfs
Random Wolfs - 2 dni temu
“The legend”🤣❗️
The Kid Chris
The Kid Chris - 2 dni temu
Gseric47 - 2 dni temu
7:10 I hope Josh hasn't seen this xD
Matt - 2 dni temu
jesser I love you bro but the pubes gotta go
Blazeden - 2 dni temu
zo's getting traded after this performance
Abraham Besu
Abraham Besu - 2 dni temu
Y he look so irritated
Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball - 2 dni temu
*I charge my phone to 35% everyday to honor Lonzos field goal percentage*
Andrew - 2 dni temu
lonzo bout to have a breakout season
Carter Moura
Carter Moura - 2 dni temu
ball fam is beter than you jesser but im still a fan of you
Tasos Vythoulkas
Tasos Vythoulkas - 2 dni temu
Jesser the 🐐
Orren Awdisho
Orren Awdisho - 2 dni temu
8:25 Zo said, "I been workin' on it." 😭😭
William Male
William Male - 2 dni temu
Lonzo is ass cheeks
CJ Hutton
CJ Hutton - 2 dni temu
Lonzo be handballing like AFL
TG x Splashh
TG x Splashh - 2 dni temu
Lonzo changed his jumpshot?
Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham - 3 dni temu
Ask him why the nba kowtows to commies.
Call Me J. R.
Call Me J. R. - 3 dni temu
Ain’t no way lonzo playing for real, is he even getting paid?🤣😅😅
8kings23 - 3 dni temu
How tall is this dude? Didn’t think he was going to be able to dunk! Lol
romello valentine
romello valentine - 22 godzin temu
Probably 6 1
Billy Crackhead
Billy Crackhead - 3 dni temu
Should’ve just shot every ball from the free throw line. You would’ve take the W easily
Nickollo Lachica
Nickollo Lachica - 3 dni temu
Lonzo ball must be tired of these basketball youtubers
Evan Peri
Evan Peri - 3 dni temu
Lonzo thinks he has drip 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jay Cab
Jay Cab - 3 dni temu
Damn. This whole day was scheduled for these horse shooting YouTube kids. Zo bored out of his mind.
Adrian Quintero
Adrian Quintero - 3 dni temu
Lonzo ball is shit
IG:animetypejimbei - 3 dni temu
Song at @ 1:51 ?
NBA Carl21
NBA Carl21 - 3 dni temu
I haven’t watched Jesser in a while but damn you have a beard now
MorePresto TV
MorePresto TV - 3 dni temu
Havent watched Jesser in a year and I come back to him having a beard? What the hell..
Tito Varela
Tito Varela - 3 dni temu
Lonzo looks annoyed asf in everyone of these vids
Gavin Diaz-Williams
Gavin Diaz-Williams - 3 dni temu
Spam troydan
No Name
No Name - 3 dni temu
Jesser ur ass
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong - 3 dni temu
They doing Lonzo dirty.. having a shooting contest with him. Its like having a dunking contest with Kevin Hart
Will Smith
Will Smith - 3 dni temu
What the sneak that jess wear?
Austin Mayes
Austin Mayes - 3 dni temu
Jesser should have invited Shaq for a free throw contest and a 3 point contest.
Evan Marmion
Evan Marmion - 3 dni temu
You can tell zo don’t wanna be there