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Trwanie: 18:57


Adriee - 19 godzin temu
These are all fake tears she is trying to hard to try to cry and convince people but people are not Delusional like you Trisha 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Chloe Ray
Chloe Ray - Dzień temu
Where’s the apology tho
Shaye Filbert
Shaye Filbert - Dzień temu
your just masculine and i think your confusing that with being transgender
Isabelle GallowayDean
Isabelle GallowayDean - Dzień temu
What do u expect you offended the whole lgbtq+ community and the trans
TheMidnightWolfie - 2 dni temu
If she/he identify as trans that's completely okay but would like a deeper understanding of her feelings to see if I can help her/him
HiIts Arts
HiIts Arts - 3 dni temu
The way you worded it was off in that video. Lots of people go through this things, but you said that you were transgender but identify as your natural born gender. And we dont get applause. I am non binary and i know many trans people who were kicked out of the house. Whatever you would like to do is all up to you. If you one day come and have a chest binder and short hair, i will support. Just the way you worded it just affended most LGBTQ+ people.
sokunsui Cosplay
sokunsui Cosplay - 3 dni temu
As she makes this video with her chest out and puts an add. she thinks she's trans because she liked gay guys. It's ok if she doesn't know who she is but I really doubt she has gender dysphoria maybe dysmorphea but she really needs to do far more research.
TheForestFamily - 3 dni temu
Trish seriously seems like she has Borderline Personality Disorder it’s really concerning she hasn’t been diagnosed with anything and isn’t getting good help for what she needs
Christina Simone
Christina Simone - 3 dni temu
This is what’s wrong with the world to me. She obviously loves the LGBTQ+ community, but she is just confused possibly on labeling herself in the proper manner or needs help understanding. Is it to hurt anyone or attack them personally? I truly think not. Maybe instead of getting offended I truly believe just be there, walk in love, and help her understand that even though this is how she feels, that she is not Trans. I don’t think she would ruin her career and come out with a statement like this if she didn’t believe it. We all go through confusing things in life and some are acceptable and some are not. I love the LGBTQ+ community so much and I do not disregard everything that they have to go through, but I think people should differentiate the difference between attacking the community and someone who is truly confused and just needs help finding herself with a community she loves. Instead of ripping her apart, maybe show her the support she has given you guys. I truly don’t think she’s trying to offend anyone or thinks it’s “cool”. I think she just needs loving help from the community. We’re not doctors here, but I’d like to think not everyone to get easily offended and realize that she means no harm. Walk in love and stop criticizing someone who does not know what she’s doing wrong. That’s not how we learn or grow. I get it can be upsetting, but in this case I don’t think she was trying to personally offend anyone. Help her find the right label with love, not bringing her down to where she’s still confused and not learning from this experience. This is what causes suicidal actions and then people feel guilty later or some don’t which makes you just as bad to me. How can we walk in peace for unity and growth by tearing down a soul and not helping them learn? You tell her what’s wrong, but are you helping her understand?
CelestrialRose - 3 dni temu
Trish your going through an identity crisis and need to find the right therapist that will help you through this. Obviously your not sure of yourself and how it handle how your feeling. You need that mental help to see where you are at for yourself... it’s nothing bad sweetie but you do need the help. You need to find what is really feeling right for you as a person.
Lisa Goodey
Lisa Goodey - 3 dni temu
Uhh..... It's 2020 you can like or dislike whatever you want and literally nothing describes your gender besides a penis or vagina. So maybe just STFU about it Trisha
Xiaomei Ke
Xiaomei Ke - 4 dni temu
“Not every transgender transitions” wow that’s like saying not all blacks or whites. It’s derogatory and rude ngl it takes 2 seconds of research
Secret Art Hangout
Secret Art Hangout - 4 dni temu
It’s okay, just keep trying to improve yourself
StrikeZone - 4 dni temu
You put ads on this...wow. HOLY bitch WHAAA
Isabelle Sterling
Isabelle Sterling - 4 dni temu
“I look female so I look like a joke identifying as male”
This is so ridiculous of her. If she’s happy with her body and she wants to look and be seen as female then I’m pretty f*cking sure she’s female.
Isabelle Sterling
Isabelle Sterling - 4 dni temu
Trisha Paytas is NOT transgender. She is looking for attention and trying to play the victim. So many trans people are actually suffering and she is making it seem like being transgender is a choice. It is not. Her VOCABULARY isn’t what made people mad, it is literally what she is saying. She keeps talking about her struggle but with what? Right now I can’t even function as a real human being because of my dysphoria. I have wanted so bad to kill myself in the past. If Trisha is okay with her body and her pronouns and such, there is no reason she should need to transition. If she doesn’t have dysphoria, she isn’t transgender. She is making a mockery of everything the trans community goes through.
Joy Gill
Joy Gill - 5 dni temu
She needs attention. From her audience and from doctors.
HamsterLover270 - 5 dni temu
kole Hector
kole Hector - 5 dni temu
She is so smart. Make that $$ girl. Shes fooling u all
Denise Michelle
Denise Michelle - 6 dni temu
You need some serious help trish. Youre having an identity crisis and you need a new therapist. Get off the internet and work on you. Youre not well girl. I say that with love.
KING Cosplayz
KING Cosplayz - 6 dni temu
You just want to belong somewhere
Marley Halvorson
Marley Halvorson - 7 dni temu
Not once does she say she was wrong. That's not an apology. She literally said that she's just apologizing so people stop being mean to her
Marley Halvorson
Marley Halvorson - 7 dni temu
This is pathetic.
beebo - 7 dni temu
this is just an identity crisis
Xx_N0tHum4n_xX - 7 dni temu
This kinda people is the reason why trans people doesnt get accepted. She litterally makes the whole trans community seem stupid.
jake burgess
jake burgess - 8 dni temu
She has no fucking brain cells left tries to give off some apology video as heart felt but I’m sorry Trisha your such a fake bitch it’s unreal you made a video saying your transgender no woman do you know what it’s like to be transgender having your family turn on you and basically disown you no you don’t so don’t start crying with all your bs with I fucked up on repeat urrgggg this woman is the opitimy of stupid just stop before you end up getting the LGBTQ community against you because it’s going to happen
LGWL BUILDERS - 8 dni temu
Da fuq
LGWL BUILDERS - 8 dni temu
What is this bullcrap
J Z - 9 dni temu
you need more Jesus.. Pray not post on youtube, you dont need men you need God
Talia Faamoe
Talia Faamoe - 9 dni temu
1 like = 3 dislikes LMAO GREAT JOB PEOPLE. Sick of the ads as well. Says a lot
Lisvett Miller
Lisvett Miller - 9 dni temu
Hun, people look up to you 🥴 you do this stuff makes everyone even more grossed out. Idgaf you wierd as fuck mija ! See a therapist for the rest of the year and delete your accounts. Find somewhere else to get attention
Meesh Mesh
Meesh Mesh - 9 dni temu
Uh, Trisha, bad news; The LGBTQ community still doesn't give a fuck or feel bad. Sorry-
NoPlan - 10 dni temu
You guys really are disgusting creatures.
I really think she’s genuinely confused about who/what she is, I’m not gonna say “I don’t think she’s a transman but” because I don’t know what she’s actually going through, some people go through it different, not every trans guy avoids saying vagina, ftm who have incredibly curvy bodies, especially someone as much as her, would most likely have these kinds of struggles.
I know she hasn’t used the best wording, and accidentally offended some people but it doesn’t give you guys the right to bully her like this. It’s sad cause you guys talk so much shit about people like this who have a big social media presence but here y’all are giving all ur time and energy to make someone, who’s going through a really hard and confusing time, feel like shit
Veci Love
Veci Love - 10 dni temu
An idiot if I ever saw one. I will not forgive u.
spongebob squarepants And ninjanoah
so im only just watching this now and 1) why put ads on it? 2) you need dysphoria to be trans. if you feel confortable with yuor birth gender then you are not trans! 3) these are just gender stereotypes that you are scared of.
KayleeK02 - 12 dni temu
Trisha: "I am not confused.

Trisha: "I am sorry if my confusion discredits me"

How are you gonna say youre not confused and then relate your confusion to explaining yourself on BUMBLE!!!
dontcare - 12 dni temu
shut. the. fuck. up.
Genesis Sanchez
Genesis Sanchez - 13 dni temu
0:25 she looks like she was reading lgbtq+ off the desk lol
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 14 dni temu
17:30 damn right.
Ellie Nicole Xo.L
Ellie Nicole Xo.L - 14 dni temu
If you don’t want people to share their opinions then maybe turn off the comment section, which the whole world can use... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ly tho
Alex Arand
Alex Arand - 14 dni temu
This has nothing to do with “not looking like a man” it has to do with how completely IGNORANT you are. Saying that you are “transgender 1000%” and then saying “do identify with my birth sex 1000%.” And NOW you’re saying you have huge dysmorphia. Girl. You say “I’m new to all this” Maybe do your goddamn research before making a video that has a huge outreach
Alex Arand
Alex Arand - 14 dni temu
Girl. You came out as a lesbian, bi, and BLACK. You are a troll, a hypocrite, and you are taking advantage of the real issues of the LGBT (who you say you love). Stop.
Alex Arand
Alex Arand - 14 dni temu
I hate that I even am giving this attention honestly; makes me feel dirty.
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox - 15 dni temu
I personally think you’re the worst
GoGo Nikkoes
GoGo Nikkoes - 15 dni temu
I get wanting to express who you feel you are, but you need to have more information about who you feel you are and why, before you share what you feel. Because of course you will get backlash for things but it wouldn't have been this big if you had more facts about yourself and was educated more before you posted that video. But thats my opinion
Awesomegyaradosgirl - 16 dni temu
Listen, I'm personally trans and I'm not trying to hate because that's just a b**** move but maybe look into the term Gender-Fluid because I saw a bit of your Comming out video and what you said kind of gave me that thought that you where
So please don't take this as hate but also please look into the term Gender-fluid 'cause that's what it sounded like before
Anthony. V
Anthony. V - 16 dni temu
Dove Bird
Dove Bird - 16 dni temu
Fuck you
Krista Mazza
Krista Mazza - 17 dni temu
Trisha says that as a child she hates breasts which is completely fine and I’m not saying that she didn’t feel that way but she literally hit a boob job, if she hates them then why get a boob job I dong get it. She keeps saying how she is so new yet saying she has been feeling this way since 5 years old. She has been speaking to a therapist, and that therapist has been doing something wrong by not advising her to not make a video without being educated.
Kayla Hogan
Kayla Hogan - 17 dni temu
I NeVer thOuGht I wOulD geT hAte fRom the lgbt community
Bruhhhhhh you make us look bad that’s why
Ljay - 17 dni temu
your not transgender maybe your gay
-αΙ εx-
-αΙ εx- - 18 dni temu
Bruh she,identifys as a GAY man because she has GUY friends!?
Brielle Atkins
Brielle Atkins - 18 dni temu
Put a sweater on
Buttered Croissant
Buttered Croissant - 18 dni temu
I don’t understand why she is getting so much hate. Whether she truly feels transgender or having an identity crises, the world is full of different people with different views. Keep an open mind and an open heart. She made the video as a form of expression and in return got hated on for something she struggled with. I personally don’t think it’s right. I love you trish. 😔❤️
r_lyrics r
r_lyrics r - 19 dni temu
I'm non binary and I cant believe how many trans males there are in the comments belittling Trish and saying these things when as trans men you should know the struggle and be more open. Even if it is just a phase and it might or might not be you should be respectful. The lgbt community is supposed to be a safe place for people who are going through this stuff but we are being insensitive and dont seem to care about trishas feelings. I remember when I first told my mom I was non binary she took it as a joke and it was a phase or something and to this day still calls me her girl. And I bet alot of the trans people in the comments have been through similar things with not being accepted so its rediculous how you decide to vent that onto Trish. Trish keep your head up even if this is a phase there are still people who love and care for you and will try to understand and help with what's going on with you.
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 19 dni temu
This girl
“BaCklAsH beCauSe i’Ts jUst NoT aCcEptEd”
No it’s backlash not because of your body, but your actions showing your feelings.
Arazi Margas
Arazi Margas - 19 dni temu
I think you’re just very confused.
MurderHouseMistress - 19 dni temu
YOUR NOT TRANS! if you can present yourself the way you do (which is extremely feminine) and the way you go out and put things like your chest on display these things are feminine! This goes against a lot of things wouldn’t you hide these features to look more masculine? WHERE IS THE DYSFORIA?
jordan - 19 dni temu
trisha i see you. fuck what these people have to say, you know you. period. keep living your truth
Angel Zimmer
Angel Zimmer - 20 dni temu
Maybe ur gender fluid but he him pronouns
Angel Zimmer
Angel Zimmer - 20 dni temu
I’m genderfluid and Omni and I support you it’s gonna be okay 💜💜